Scuola Media Internazionale Holden is a full-time private institution dedicated to fostering a European cultural identity and preparing future European citizens.

At Scuola Media Internazionale Holden, learning foreign languages is a core skill.
From the first year, students study English as their primary language, with Spanish and Chinese as secondary and tertiary languages, respectively, with opportunities to earn Cambridge, DELE, and Confucius Institute certifications.

We believe that mastering foreign languages is crucial for those who will grow up in an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world.
Our school is also part of the Erasmus mobility project, promoting international exchanges for both students and teachers.

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We have embraced a pedagogical approach inspired by Finnish education principles, emphasizing education for freedom rather than mere obedience.

This approach fosters a sense of responsibility and respect for both the individual and the community. Our educational system focuses on developing students in all areas, from social to emotional skills, through the promotion of collaboration and mutual support.

Our aim is to foster a group-oriented mindset, emphasizing the 'We' over 'I'.


Our educational program gradually develops cross-disciplinary skills, supported by enhanced critical thinking, writing, and linguistic proficiency.

This is achieved through a combination of afternoon workshops and dedicated study modules. Additionally, one hour each week is devoted to studying philosophy, which is fundamental for cultivating critical thinking, ethical reflection, and intellectual curiosity.

We also provide vital support for students involved in competitive sports by offering tailored academic assistance. This includes organizing study schedules and providing flexibility for attending sports competitions and additional training sessions.

Since its inception, Scuola Media Internazionale Holden has integrated both curricular and extracurricular activities within school hours.

This approach helps to teach students to manage their time efficiently, allowing them to enjoy free time for sports or leisure, similar to other international schools.


To ensure students naturally acquire the technological skills necessary for digital citizenship, our classrooms are equipped with PCs and multimedia tools, promoting controlled and supervised use.


Our primary goal is to help students grow in a serene, healthy, and welcoming environment where honesty, tolerance, responsibility, and individual autonomy are at the heart of their academic and ethical development.


We provide personalized attention to each student, understanding their unique learning pace and style to ensure the best possible preparation. Our teaching method at Scuola Media Internazionale Holden is built on three essential pillars:

  1. Each student is unique and requires a personalized learning path.
  2. Differences should be valued, forming the basis of our equity principle.
  3. Maximum learning potential for each student is achieved through targeted educational offerings.
    Inclusive education turns linguistic and cultural differences into a shared goal aimed at fostering understanding and cooperation.


As part of the Shared School project with the Municipality of Chieri, students participate annually in the Lessons in the Bookstore workshop (open lessons at the Libreria della Torre), interact with local associations supporting Alzheimer’s patients, and present musical tales to preschool children in Chieri.

Monthly cultural outings are organized, along with a three-day educational trip in March.


  • Shuttle service offering convenient door-to-door pickup and drop-off.
  • PEDIBUS service from Piazza Dante Chieri.
  • Cafeteria service by a local gastronomy, with the option to bring lunch from home.
  • Early entry at 7:30 AM and late exit at 6:00 PM.
  • Language immersion trips to Cadiz (Spain) and Ireland.